Now that the planet is being faced with so many economic, social and environmental challenges, a multitude of initiatives prove that solutions exist to do better with less. WAVE presents 20 international projects and relays the creative overflow of collective genius that allows transforming limitations into opportunities. WAVE is an inspiring exposition and a place for exchanges and sharing.

WAVE brings a special color to Nantes with the creation of a temporary village that will coexist alongside the exposition and at its rhythm from September 24 - 29. This village, inhabited by its makers, will take the form of an open-air garage where masters of the work-around in all fields will meet. On the program: tuning mopeds and other motorbikes, bending, serigraphy and micro-edition concerts, free market and micro-shop...For one week, this village will incarnate collective ingenuity in a relaxed and festive environment. Welcome to WAVE Jacky 44!

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The new WAVE of collective ingenuity at Nantes with JACKY 44!

Try out collective ingenuity and discover the festive feeling of WAVE! On the program: the WAVE exhibition with 20 inspiring projects and its JACKY 44 village (concerts, free market).

, 10h00 - 22h00