Digital media education in college

The Loire-Atlantique Département organizes promotion of digital media education for students.
An extension of classes on the press, this action educates a group of students on all forms of digital media.
Student goal: create their own online media and maintain it for one year with the help of their French and technology teachers and the school librarian.
The project, launched during Digital week, consists of several workshops led by Ouest MédiaLab.
On the program: finding the specificities of different types of media (blog, webzine, webradio, Facebook page...), define an editorial approach, choose a subject, an angle to address, prepare the reporting, create and upload it, publish and promote it...
Robotics day will take place on September 23 at La Cité, and students will file their first reports on the convention center.
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Digital media education in college

For Robotic day, 4th year pupils from Saint-Exupéry school in Montagne are introduced to digital media and find out about designing a webzine as well as multimedia reporting techniques.