Nantes Electronic Art Rencontre [NEAR]

The Nantes Electronic Art Rencontre [NEAR] is a new field of electronic artistic research, public presentations and open workshops. For one week, about fifteen artists, theoreticians, geeks and scientists are invited to collaborate on the exploration of several intermediate spaces located among digital and electronic creations, network problems and creative inventions of new technical, immersive and interconnected devices.

The public may experience an ongoing research-creation process and meet participants at round tables, conferences, and dedicated workshops at specific times, but also individual or group artistic presentations: concerts, installations, performances, stage, network, virtual, geolocated, and interactive.

The artistic community of the territory (associated with students of ESBANM) and the “agglo” will be the first invited to participate in creation-research workshops, round tables and conferences, and artistic presentations connected to the research subject.
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Nantes Electronic Art Rencontre [NEAR]

Chaotic Conditions and the Digital Remedy
Over the course of a week, around 15 artists, theoreticians, geeks and scientists will collaborate on an exploration of the areas between digital and electronic creation.

, 10.00 am - 8.00 pm